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New York, NY - United States of America

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Good understanding of investment risk analytics

2.    Senior Full Stack Engineer. 7+ year experience

3.    Ability to develop complex SQL in SQL Server or the like.

4.    .Net development framework

5.    Working experience in PowerBI Visualization Tool

6.    Ability to play BA and Dev role overall


Specific Activities:

1.    Extract data from the Aladdin Data Cloud which isn’t presented through tools like Explore for enhance reporting requirements/scenarios (e.g. don’t have key duration buckets in Explore but it’s in ADC). Client is currently leaning towards leveraging Power BI native connection or xml extract to build these additional risk scenario reports.

2.    Enhance data imports/extracts to and from Aladdin Risk to improve reporting and timing (e.g. book values, private cash flows, market values). These could be files or APIs.

3.    All new data mappings would need to be exposed into clients IDH/Data Operational Store a place of QA/recon and gold copy records across all crucial platforms. This will also require testing/QC and additional reconciliations be setup to maintain data integrity.