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  • JOB TYPE: Freelance, Contract Position (no agencies/C2C - see notes below)
  • LOCATION: Remote - Canada
  • HOURLY RANGE: Our client is looking to pay $80 – $110/hr
  • ESTIMATED DURATION: 10h/week - Short term


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Overview of the Role

Our client is looking for one or more full-stack developer(s) and a designer to primarily help them build out their mobile apps. Currently, they have a web app for dance studios, a web app for the dance studios’ customers, and a simple iOS/Android mobile app used by the dance studios (which currently consists of a very small subset of the functionality available in the web app). The tech stack is Microsoft-based; the web apps are written in ASP.NET, mobile apps use Xamarin, the server-side API accessed by the mobile apps is written in Nancy (a lightweight .NET web framework), and the database is SQL Server. Currently, everything is hosted on Rackspace VMs, although they’d like to eventually move to Azure (this is a longer-term goal for us).

The highest priority for us is to build out their mobile apps. They need someone who has extensive experience with one of the write-once-run-everywhere frameworks (React Native, Flutter, .NET MAUI, others?) to begin feature development on their customer mobile app (the app used by studios' customers). Based on their own research, they think they’d prefer Flutter, but they’re open to other platforms.

They’d like to start by building the customer mobile app (the app used by their studio’s customers), eventually expanding that code to replace their current customer web app (so web/mobile run the same code base). They’d like the functionality in these new apps to replicate what they currently have in the web app. Once they’ve proven that can work, they can begin the process of doing the same thing for the studio apps. The customer app functionality is at least an order of magnitude simpler than the studio app, thus the reason they’d like to start there.

Our client has an existing REST API that supports their current studio mobile app. They’d like to have this API evaluated so they can determine if they should build on top of it to support the new customer app work (and eventually the new studio app), or replace this API with a new one. They’re open to all options. They’d prefer if the back end code were still written in .NET, but they’re open.

Key Notes For The Position:

  • Must be able to hit the ground running and have the ability to work autonomously. They’re a tiny shop, they don’t have many meetings, and they’d like to keep it that way.
  • It would be nice to have someone with some previous experience in the .NET world, but this isn’t a hard requirement. Code is code; you should be able to look at their existing C#/VB code, determine roughly what it’s doing, and ask questions to clarify before implementing features in the mobile app.
  • Code must be well-structured, clean, and easy to understand. They’d like clear patterns to be established that can be picked up by any other developer.

About the Company

Our client has spent the last 25 years building a suite of tools that empower you to master the details and gain confidence managing your studio. Now, let them give you the tools so you can master the art of your business.

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This is a remote position.