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Life at Holdings

We help businesses get more from their company cash.

Our international founding team strongly believes in work without borders. Whether you want to work at home with your family or travel the world and work along the way, we’re here to support your choices.

We believe the team’s commitment to our customers should reflect the company’s commitment to its people.

  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Health, dental, and vision.
  • Company provided laptops
  • Monthly Grocery Budget
  • WFH Stipend
  • Unlimited vacation policy


  • Take design mockups or product specs and implement them
  • Keep the codebase and component tree maintainable and scalable
  • Collaborate on technical designs
  • Ensuring that our web application is performant and secure

Required skills and experience

  • Proficiency in Typescript and Rust
  • Familiarity with React (we use Preact) or another analogous web framework (Vue, Svelte, etc.)
  • Familiarity with an RDBMS (we use PostgreSQL)

Note: We prefer functional programming, and we write our frontend code in a loose functional style. While it is not necessary to be an expert in functional programming, if you actively dislike that style, it may add friction to the development process.

Nice to have

  • Experience with actix-web and tokio
  • Experience with nix
  • Experience building financial applications
  • Basic understanding of digital assets and web3 fundamentals

We strongly encourage you to apply even if you don’t fit all the requirements. You don’t have to match all the criteria to be considered for this role.

Hiring Steps

Candidates for this position can expect the hiring process to follow these steps.

  • A 30-minute meeting with one of the co-founders
  • A 60-minute technical interview with the technical founder
  • Discussion with all three founders

Join us in building the future of finance

  • Collaboration and communication
  • Invest the time in building quality upfront
  • Taking ownership of the product
  • Be proactive at improving things (processes, products, code)