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OneMarketData is continuously searching for bright talent with the skills to make an impact.

From developers to data scientists, at OneTick you will have the opportunity to develop and enhance your problem-solving skills using a combination of analytics, imagination, and talent.

This position should be filled in EEA countries, all full-time employees, all ‘remote work’. Depending on the country of residency, we may, at our discretion, employ you as a contractor directly attached to OneMarketData LLC, or by way of an ‘Employer of Record’ / ‘Agent of Record’ that has an office in the country.

All positions will require a background check, signed NDA, signed contract, and signed GDPR processor passthrough agreement (since we act as a data processor under GDPR). Salaries will be commensurate with experience, education, skillset, and local norms.

We’re seeking experienced Python developers for Implementation Team to help enhance our products and hosted regulatory services. You’ll be using the most advanced Python-oriented software stack, including programmatic code and query generation. Our Python developers communicate a lot with our customers’ and partners’ technical teams.


Python 3, Pytest, Pandas, advanced code-generation libraries.
Redis, Celery.
Docker & friends for containerization.
Airflow for scheduling, Kubernetes for orchestration, AWS autoscaling for resource scaling.
The OneTick time series database & streaming analytics engine — Python is the query programming language for this DB engine.
Machine learning and MLOps framework.
Django / Postgres.
Grafana / Prometheus / Loki and extensions, and Sentry.
Modern CI/CD environment (GitLab, GitLab CI), modern approach to deployment packaging.
Microservices-based architecture.
IDEs popular with the team include PyCharm, MS Code, and JupyterHub.

What will you do

Back-end microservices design, development, test coverage, code review.
Many of our projects involve pipelined processing of large data sets (i.e. ‘big data’).
Key aspects of development are solved using Python code that generates parallel time-series processing queries that execute in the OneTick engine.
Many tasks require the ability to develop an efficient algorithm.

Job responsibilities

Technical requirements

2+ years of software engineering industrial experience (not studying in parallel).
1+ years of Python (we use recent Python 3 versions).
Git, Linux.
Analytical, algorithms-oriented mindset.
Willingness to understand the business and take initiative to suggest technical solutions.
Familiarity with Docker is a plus.

General requirements

English — Upper-Intermediate or higher.
Good communicative skills, being able to explain difficult things in simple words.
Being eager to learn new technologies (including area-specific).
Attentiveness, hard-working and goal-oriented mindset (to have the tasks done), opportunity to work both in team and independently.

Additional information

Interested candidates can send their CVs, subject – “Senior Python Developer”.

All interested applicants are appreciated for sending their CVs, however, kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.