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Ryanair Holdings plc, Europe’s largest airline group, is the parent company of Buzz, Lauda, Malta Air & Ryanair DAC.

Carrying 154m guests p.a. on more than 2,400 daily flights from 82 bases, the group connects over 200 destinations in 40 countries on a fleet of over 470 aircraft, with a further 210 Boeing 737s on order, which will enable the Ryanair Group to lower fares and grow traffic to 225m p.a. by FY26.

Ryanair Labs is the technology brand of Ryanair, a tech startup within an airline. Portugal is the latest location added to our digital portfolio, with offices based in Dublin, Madrid, and Wroclaw. Lisbon/Porto has a 100% work from home policy.

Ryanair Labs is dedicated to hiring top IT talent, where software developers can have the freedom to work on game changing projects that will have an impact on our business and on more than 150m people a year.


10+ projects within 4 pillars

  • Passenger journey
  • Airline Operations digitalisation
  • In-house innovations
  • Shared components


  • Kotlin
  • Reactive programming (RxJava, Coroutines + Flow)
  • MVVM/MVI like architecture
  • Automatization
  • DevOps culture
  • Dependency injection (Dagger)
  • Architecture components


Unrestrained thirst for knowledge? Openness to new approaches? A few flops and lessons learned?

Join us on our reactive programming journey. Most of our codebase relies on RxJava but our greenfield projects tech stack contains Coroutines and Flow. When it comes to architecture we lean towards feature-based modules that rely on the in-house MVVM/MVI variant. We have already migrated a huge part of our mature code to Kotlin and we are not stopping on this – since 2016 all of the projects are purely written in Kotlin. If you value the variety of designs and methodologies of their production, we are the perfect match. With 10+ projects on the table, you will certainly not be bored. There is nothing to be scared of though, you will be first gradually introduced to the Ryanair app and gain the perspective on the way.


We’re a pack of experienced Android developers with a variety of interests and specializations. When some of us still remember the times of AsyncTask usurping the throne of asynchrony the others speak about those times with gratitude since that’s what forged their modern Android developer mindset. We come from different backgrounds but the common thing that unites us is our passion. Whether it is about choosing the right solution, taking part in a hackathon or initiating another innovative internship program – we are always up to the challenge. We believe that through constant self-improvement hence openness to change and different perspectives, we can achieve (almost) everything. We’re also extremely lucky to work with amazing people who share our openness and cooperation-oriented mindset.


We believe that DevOps is the way to go hence we proudly own our AWS driven Infrastructure and expand it with the dedicated support of our DevOps team. Process automation is just our middle name. We prefer to make the decisions based on the quantities data rather than gut feelings. In our team, there is always something for everyone. Willing to explore different technologies for a change? No worries, there are plenty of AWS serverless API services forged out by us recently. They are mainly written in Go but there are few Python and Node.js as well. To make everything run smoothly we’ve developed a knowledge-sharing culture, so there is nothing to worry about.

But, we are happy to change it all, if you have better or more interesting ideas!


  • Kotlin and JVM experience is a must-have
  • Knowledge/Experience Reactive Design Concepts programming (RxJava/Flow etc.)
  • Dependency Injection frameworks (especially Dagger)
  • 3+ years of professional Android development experience
  • … all the standard Software Developer requirements
  • Nice to have: · Experience in Java, Groovy, Go, Python, Node.js, Bash · Hands-on cloud computing experience (preferably AWS) · A flair for daily tasks automation and CI/CD expansion (Jenkins) · A knack for conducting workshops and speaking in public

What we offer:

Staff travel with flight tickets for yourself and family or friends.

100% Remote work from within Portugal.

Relocation package.

State of the art technologies and architectures.

Tipo de oferta: Integral/Full-time

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  • Período diário

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