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The Client

Our client is an exciting start-up from Austria that aims to create a seamless solution for customer onboarding for financial institutions. They are covering everything from identity verification, credit and risk assessment, electronic contracting and payments. The goal is to have an end-to-end service to make it easier for their clients to process the end customers without using too many tools.

For this, they are building their own service which is also integrating with various third-party APIs that will enhance their own technology. They describe it as a visual orchestration to deliver the full customer journey.

The Role

They are looking for long-term collaborators to join their team that will stay and build the company forward. In a time of ever-changing technology, they want to make sure they remain cutting-edge and want their team members to grow together with them.

Their current platform was built by an outsourcing company and they want to now have it built in-house; as they are dealing with very strict regulations on data privacy and highly secured information, they want to keep the know-how. They will be using SDKs to integrate into their client's interfaces.

Project Tech Stack

  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: Node.JS and Java
  • Databases: Postgress and MongoDB
  • Hosting: AWS - The plan is however to make it more agnostic here, to be able to host across Azure as well

Your profile

  • You are an experienced backend developer with 4+ years of working in Node.js/Typescript (Or Fullstack developer with a preference for working Backend)
  • You have experience working with Postgres and MongoDB
  • You are open and vocal - You are not afraid to raise your voice if you see any problems or if you have any ideas that could be implemented.
  • You are a team player, want to build good relationships with the team, help when someone is struggling and receive help if you are struggling as well

Why should you join?

  • They are a new company with fresh ideas that always want to remain cutting edge
  • They fully understand the space they are in and want to ensure the best and most secure quality of service they provide
  • They invest in their people: they will support you through learning and development and offer a lot of career progression possibilities.
  • They have flexible working hours
  • Besides the regular vacation days, they also offer an additional number of vacation days tradable against salary - you can either take the days off or get paid for them.