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Vienna - Austria

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What can you expect if you join us?

  • You'll be part of one of our teams formed out of 3 - 5 people, with an end2end delivery responsibility. We strive to achieve this by employing a Continuous Everything approach to our day-to-day activities (also known as GitOps).

  • You'll be working on our brand styleguide

  • You'll be taking care of creating a consistent web presence for our company (documentation, websites & co.)

  • You'll get an end2end responsibility from developing, deploying, up to monitoring the software you and the team will create

  • You'll take care that our documentation is kept relevant and supports us internally and externally

  • Scale-up environment

  • Last but not least, you'll get the chance to shape how the future of our solutions will look like

You will be a fit for our team if

  • You stay true to yourself; we strive for a diverse environment, this is why for us it doesn't matter your gender, heritage, beliefs or how you identify yourself. We welcome and value everyone the same
  • You have at least 3 years of fulltime working experience as a fullstack developer, preferably using TypeScript and React, and you wish to develop web solutions in TypeScript

  • You have experience with Storybook, and preferably with tailwind CSS

  • You have experience working with SQL DBs, preferably PostgreSQL

  • You have experience in developing web interfaces, design systems and brand appearances

  • You have experience working with NodeJS

  • You can effectively communicate abstract ideas and concepts to others

  • You are, preferably, allowed to work within the EU Borders

  • You are, preferably, located in/near Vienna, or within a ±2h timezone difference

  • You are fluent in English

You will impress us if

  • You can learn new programming languages and technologies

  • You have experience working with libraries such as: NextJS, JAM, fastify, NestJS

  • You have experience working in a Continuous Everything environment (GitOps)

  • You have a Clean Code approach

  • You dare to lead, and your are curious to discover new ways of solving complex problems

  • You are willing to develop yourself continuously, personally, and professionally

What can we offer you?

  • The possibility to grow, to try new things, to fail and to learn

  • The chance to bring innovation in an old industry

  • A gross salary in the range of EUR 49k - 56k/year

  • Company hardware

  • Public transportation ticket

  • 38.5 h/week contract, and a No All-In contract

  • 25 Vacation Days/year

  • Standard perks: fresh fruit, coffee & tea, soft drinks

  • Access to a nice office close to the subway station

  • Flexible working time

  • No strict HomeOffice Policy

  • Domain knowledge trainings
  • Last but not least, a lot of autonomy and the possibility to change the way we work here at fiskaly, you will be able to directly influence and shape the future of our organisation

What you will not find here

  • Monotonous and boring days

  • Closed doors

  • Lack of understanding and unfair treatment

  • Rigid structures that ignore the reality of peoples' lives, because #PeopleComeFirst

Feel disencouraged because of all those requirements? Don't be :) Often times women and people of colour don't apply for a role when they cannot check every box. We encourage you to apply nevertheless. Skills can be learned. What is more important at fiskaly is building a diverse team of motivated people who feel welcomed and valued.