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Over the last few months, Subconsious has rapidly developed a complex and engaging service that has scaled quickly to provide state-of-the-art image generation AI to millions of users on a daily basis. We're just getting started, both on our growth trajectory as well as on the richness of the feature set we want to deliver. Join our talented team of fullstack, cloud infrastructure, and frontend developers to help us solve hard problems for our growing user base!

Since we're 100% remote, you'll need to be able to be productive in a relatively unstructured, self-directed environment, and you'll need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills to help keep everyone in sync. You'll also need to have excellent time management skills.


  • Design and build mission critical software services and product features for our mobile and web front ends.
  • Write code, write tests, test the code, fix the code, ship the code.
  • Be an awesome colleague.
  • Be an expert and a team player. Help us design better systems. Help us write better code.
  • Split the awesome, interesting, fun work with the team
  • Split the unglamorous, annoying, dirty work with the team


  • 10+ years coding experience
  • Broad and deep experience with multiple programming languages
  • Broad and deep experience solving complex problems with technology
  • Broad and deep experience with a wide range of libraries and frameworks
  • Extensive experience building amazing frontend experiences.
  • Have built at least five large scale product features from scratch as the front end developer.
  • Comfortable designing, building, and deploying mission critical user facing UI without supervision.
  • Have shipped production code for the web, iOS and Android.
  • Experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS, and React are a must.
  • Next.js experience is very nice to have.