Fullstack Job: Senior Fullstack Developer - Remote in Europe

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We're on a mission to transform time management and help people take control of how they spend their time. We are passionate about helping people be more productive by reducing time fragmentation, increasing focus, and becoming more intentional with their time.

How to apply. Please send an application tailored to this position that speaks to us. Introduce yourself to us as a colleague. We value great communicators, so please do take your time with the application. Forget that generic resume, and there’s no prize for being the first to submit. Please attach a short cover letter explaining why you would like to join us.


As a full-stack software engineer at Morgen, you will contribute to new products, features, improvements, internal tools, and pipelines from conception to final release. One month you might be working on a new feature that allows people to share notes and files in real-time, the following month on a pipeline to process customer support requests.


  • Great problem-solving skills: You start with a clear and accurate understanding of the context, problem, and possible edge cases. You can deconstruct tricky problems and work towards a clean solution, by yourself or in collaboration with teammates. You end-to-end take ownership of a solution, but you’re also comfortable asking for help when you get stuck.
  • A commitment to shipping quality user interfaces: Your approach is user-centric and you like building experiences that are pleasant to see and intuitive. You can work with others to build and maintain quality user interfaces, using Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a modern UI framework like React.
  • Backend familiarity: You can quickly switch between building a gorgeous user interface, designing a new data model, and implementing the backend infrastructure that is required to run a new feature. You're proficient with at least some parts of our technology stack: React, MobX, TypeScript, Node.js, and MongoDB.
  • Pragmatic and business-oriented: You care about the business impact of what you're building, and you prioritize projects accordingly. You're not just going after cool stuff—you understand that working in a startup implies a variety of tasks.
  • A user-centric approach: You think critically about the implications of what you're building and how it shapes people's lives.
  • A commitment to improving your own productivity: You care about your own productivity and efficiency at work. You've used Morgen or other productivity tools before.
  • You have strong opinions and hold them loosely: Technologies and programming languages are about tradeoffs. We want you to share your ideas and opinions, but we strive to hold those opinions loosely so we can always work towards the optimal solution, and when needed, learn new technologies as we go.
  • Clear communication: You are comfortable in English as our main working language. You communicate nuanced ideas clearly, whether explaining technical decisions in writing or brainstorming in real-time. In disagreements, you engage thoughtfully with other perspectives and compromise when needed.
  • A commitment to team collaboration: You get energy working with others and enjoy collaborating cross-functionally to accomplish shared goals. You care about your personal learning and development, as well as supporting your teammates as they learn and grow too.
Nice to Haves:
  • Experience with mobile: Mobile app development and Flutter is a big plus.
  • Experience with Electron: Past experience with Electron-based products is a plus.
  • Open-source contributions: If you have started or contributed to open-source projects, that’s awesome! Please share your GitHub profile in the application.
  • You have built a product before: If you’ve built a website for yourself, a mobile app for fun, or developed a tool as a student project, don’t forget to mention it. (Morgen has started as a student project too!)
Please apply with either a CV or a LinkedIn link. We don't need a long cover letter but we would like to know why you think this is a great match for you. A reference to your GitHub profile could be a big plus.

As a team, we constantly strive to foster each other’s talent and potential through clear communication, mutual respect, kindness, and new challenges. We support and develop each other’s ownership and leadership mindsets. Most importantly, we work as a team - we know our vision will be the product of our combined efforts.

We’re excited to meet you!