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San Francisco, CA - United States of America

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About Harvey

  • Harvey is one of the first AI knowledge workers. As an AI lawyer, Harvey interacts with other lawyers via a natural language interface allowing lawyers to delegate tasks via simple instructions and receive complex work product that would typically take lawyers hours to complete.

  • Found product market fit (paying users, partnerships with top law firms, in-house teams, and pro-bono organizations).

  • Raised $5m from OpenAI (their first seed investment) and angels like Jeff Dean, Elad Gil, and Sarah Guo.

  • Founded by Gabriel Pereyra (Research Scientist at DeepMind, Google Brain, Meta AI) and Winston Weinberg (Securities and antitrust litigation at O'Melveny).

About the role

  • Work directly with founders to help shape product roadmap, define tech stack and build engineering org.

  • Product is copilot for lawyers: simple intuitive natural language interface with complex AI backend built around LLMs.

  • Build the future of human-computer interaction and automated knowledge work.

  • Explore the bleeding edge of AI with early access to OpenAI systems.

  • Above market comp ($200-400k and 2-5% equity).