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Chicago, IL - United States of America

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Commsor is looking for inquisitive, well-rounded Full Stack Engineers to join our Engineering team. You will work in partnership with our product team and colleagues in engineering to build and manage scalable, user-facing solutions. This includes but is not limited to implementing user interface designs, building real-time data visualizations, development of private and public APIs and services, graph data modelling, data pipelines, and building data integrations.

You'll have the opportunity to find creative solutions to important problems and create and drive new initiatives, seeing them from inception through technical design, implementation, and release. We have big plans and a big vision, and need passionate engineers that love to build and innovate, to help us take our product to the next level.


We're a small and fully distributed team, currently spanning from California to Australia and we take pride in our ability to function as an effective remote organization. We have Commsaurians spread over 15 countries, would you be adding a new flag to the team?


The next 10 years will be dominated by Community-Led companies - although currently, creating a successful community is often difficult and time-consuming. Commsor helps companies and teams build better communities, and demonstrate their impact on the business. We're creating powerful community-centric tools including analytics, automation, intelligence, and more.

Most important to us at Commsor is that you possess the values we hold dear to us:

We put community first. Communities are the whole reason we exist — so we care about them a lot. Seeing communities thrive is pretty much our favorite thing, so we center them in everything we do.

We keep it light. Lightweight, that is. There are no extra points for the most complex solution to a problem. We delight our customers (and ourselves) with iterative results in pursuit of maximizing impact while reducing wasted time, energy, or resources.

  • ️ We embrace the hard stuff. We welcome change and challenges with a growth mindset and believe every hard thing is an opportunity to become better at what we do.

We own our outcomes. We're entrepreneurial at heart and put an emphasis on individual responsibility and autonomy. Everyone contributes to our success.

We're the real deal. Communities flourish when its' members have an enjoyable and safe space to be their authentic selves. We ensure everyone is encouraged to be respectful, authentic and honest, challenge the status quo and bring the fun.


  • The salary range for this role is between $100,000 and $140,000/annually, depending on experience and impact.
  • Fully remote and flexible set up: you get to choose your working hours. As long as your team is informed and the job gets done, we highly encourage you to take that midday walk, pick up your kids from school or go for a run!
  • Unlimited annual leave: there is no limit on how many days off you take. A rested Commsaurian is a happy and productive one.
  • Office set up allowance: when joining Commsor you will get $3,000 Home Office Stipend towards the purchase of any equipment you might need.
  • Learning & Development Budget: each year you'll receive a $1,000 professional development stipend, which can be used to purchase courses, books or webinar tickets.
  • Enhanced Healthcare plans for US employees.
  • Annual Off-site Retreat: next stop will be Ireland!
  • Modern technology. Our product is built from the ground up on modern infrastructure.
  • You will receive equity in a startup company that's well funded and in a growing industry


  • First Interview, Hiring Manager initial screening call to assess broad role/team fit evaluation.
  • Second Interview, Technical Interview with 2-3 members of the product and engineering team to gauge technical and role specific competencies.
  • Coding challenge, 1-2 hour take home assignment shared through a Github repository that gives you a starting codebase and asks you to solve for a few challenges relevant to our product
  • Final Interview, Cultural and Strategic Discussion with one representative from the Leadership Team and one representative from the People Ops Team to evaluate vision and cultural alignment



You'll be responsible for working cross-functionally with our Design, Product, Engineering, and Machine Learning teams to continue building on our existing platform, conceptualize and plan new technology, and execute a healthy share of our product roadmap.

You will be a key component in helping us find technical solutions to customer pain points and building those solutions with exceptional quality with a motivated and sparky team.

You are:

  • An experienced engineer with 3-5+ years of professional experience working with teams to develop user-facing, data-heavy cloud software
  • Proficient in some of the following technologies and languages: TypeScript, GraphQL, the web platform, React ecosystem, Node
  • If you are curious about, or have experience with clojure, python, firebase or OLAP databases, it's a bonus, but not required.
  • Human-centered – understand customer's needs and love generating new creative solutions
  • A great communicator
  • Collaborative and enjoy navigating complex decisions as a group
  • Driven to deliver quality that exceeds expectations
  • Open minded and passionate about learning new concepts and skills
  • A sound critical-thinker with a proven track record of gaining trust and respect demonstrating sound critical-thinking
  • Scientific and guided by hypothesis-driven thinking
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and autonomy; highly adaptable to new circumstances
  • Naturally driven to find creative and efficient solutions

And last but not least... We're a scale-up, and they're not for everyone - it's important that you're ready for the challenge of doing your best work in an environment where we're all collectively dealing with ambiguity, or having to compromise between competing objectives.

Doesn't sound like you? Feel free to share this with someone you feel would make an awesome addition to the team, and thank you for reading.

Interesting, but not quite the right role? Send us your CV anyway. We're a growing company which means future opportunities!

We're committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourage you to apply regardless of your location, background, race, gender, sexual orientation or any other personally defining attribute. We encourage every person who is interested to apply. We're imperfect communicators, so think of our job postings as the starting point for discussion rather than proof that you shouldn't apply. Take the leap - you never know, you might just be the perfect person for one of our open roles, even if you don't match 100% of the job description. We also commit to making our hiring decisions as quickly as possible in respect to our candidates' time and effort. We aim to move successful candidates along the pipeline within 4 weeks from the time of the application.