Fullstack Job: Fullstack Dev (Ruby - React)

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Ciudad de México - Mexico

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Target experience:
  • 5+ years of web development experience
  • A mix of only FE or only BE that add up to 5+ years would also work
  • Frontend skills: Skilled to expert level with React (preferred) or a similar framework; strong
Typescript and GraphQL or similar technologies on large production systems
  • Backend skills: Familiarity with Ruby, Elixir or similar languages with associated frameworks
(Rails/Sinatra, Phoenix)
  • Full-stack application development: Ability to work fullstack with good understanding of web
architecture. Can lean more towards either FE or BE, so long as they are comfortable with the
other half
  • Cross-functional communication & collaboration: Ability to collaborate well with product
manager, designer, and stakeholders to create great user experience
  • User experience advocacy: Has both passion and past experience in UI/UX. Ability to
understand products and users deeply and provide solutions to improve user experience
including A11Y/Accessibility.
  • Analytics & performance: Has worked with web tracking analytics (Google Analytics /
Amplitude) and is able to understand funnels and how these 3rd party libraries can be optimized
for better Lighthouse PageSpeed site performance scores.

Bonus experience:
  • SEO/SEM experience
  • Past growth optimization experience
  • Project/tech lead experience
  • A/B experiments
  • Module bundling experience