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London, England - United Kingdom

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We’re looking for a Fullstack Engineer with Wordpress experience to join the OakNorth team. You’ll work closely with a Digital Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Product Designer, Data and Insights Manager and Commercial Lead to help us execute new digital acquisition campaigns that drive sustainable growth for our B2B and B2C products.

About the team:
This developer role will sit within the Growth department and will spend the first few months implementing best practices and innovating our current WordPress setup to ensure we’re set up for future success.

You’ll be given complete autonomy to own and manage the current setup and come up with new creative solutions to help the digital acquisition team achieve their growth milestones, while also preparing us for our next growth phase.

You’ll care about:
  • Creating a scalable CMS that helps the marketing and commercial teams deliver outsized results
  • Testing and experimenting with new features and web designs
  • Attention to detail, with the ability to QA and test your own code across different environments
  • Implementing new deployment techniques that can improve the team’s efficiencies without compromising quality
  • Close collaboration and user-first thinking
  • The needs of the CMS user as well as our customers and prospects
  • Building a website that’s mobile-first and responsive
  • Delighting users with best-in-class user-experiences
  • Aligning with SEO best practices, using Google WebDev Tools and Lighthouse to build a sleek website that prioritises performance – (page speed, LCP, loading times etc.)
  • Accountability – you’ll be proud of your efforts in driving acquisition for the bank and you’ll want to share your success metrics with the wider team and stakeholders
  • Team alignment – we sing from the same hymn sheet and we want our developer to be passionate about our marketing goals
  • Doing the right thing for the business, not just the thing that’s presented to you
  • Questioning current landscapes and constantly looking for improvements to our tech and systems
  • Developing new campaign landing pages, banners, themes, page templates, modules, and lead-gen forms to make continuous improvements across the OakNorth website with the end goal of improving the overall conversion rate and increasing form submissions; creating content that succinctly communicates our values and USPs; and capturing lead-gen data through gated content and forms

Skills and experience:
  • 3-4 years of experience working in website development across WordPress and other CMS
  • Experience working with CI/CD pipelines
  • A strong understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • The ability to continuously test your own work in different environments before deployments
  • An understanding of PHP8 back-end development
  • A good understanding of SEO best practices and experience, using Google Web Developers tools and Lighthouse to measure website performance metrics
  • Experience developing responsive design websites and the ability to understand CSS changes and their wider impact across platforms and browsers
  • Ability to convert comprehensive layout and wireframes from Figma into HTML pages
  • Strong communication skills and collaboration with designers

Knowledge of the below is useful but not essential:
  • AWS
  • Python
  • SQL
  • RESTful APIs and formats (JSON, XML)
  • Figma

How we expect you to work ‍ ️

    • We expect you to work in these ways, as well as encouraging and enabling these practices from others:
    • Collaborate - We work in cross-functional, mission driven, autonomous squads that gel over time. We pair program to work better through shared experience and knowledge.
    • Focus on outcomes over outputs ✅ - Solving a problem for users that translates to business results is our goal. Measurements focused on that goal help us to understand if we are succeeding.
    • Practice continuous improvement - We optimise for feedback now, rather than presume what might be needed in the future and introduce complexity before it will be used. This means we learn faster. We share learnings in blame-free formats, so that we do not repeat things that have failed, but still have confidence to innovate.
    • Seek to understand our users - We constantly seek understanding from data and conversations to better serve our users' needs, taking an active part in research to hear from them directly and regularly.
    • Embrace and enable continuous deployment - Seamless delivery of changes into an environment - without manual intervention - is essential for us to ensure that we are highly productive; consider resiliency; and practice security by design.
    • Test outside-in, test first - TDD keeps us confident in moving fast, and deploying regularly. We want to solve user problems, and so we test with that mindset - writing scenarios first, then considering our solution; coupling tests to behaviour, rather than implementation.
    • You build it, you run it ️ - We embrace DevOps culture and end-to-end ownership of products and features. Every engineer, regardless of their role, has the opportunity to lead delivery of features from start to finish.
    • Be cloud native ️ - We leverage automation and hosted services to deliver resilient, secure services quickly and consistently. Where SaaS tools help us achieve more productivity and better quality results for a cheap price, we use these to automate low value tasks.

How we expect you to behave ❤️

    • We embrace difference and know that when we can be ourselves at work, we are happier, more motivated and creative. We want to be able to bring our whole selves to work, have our own perspectives and know that we belong. As such, through your behaviours at work, we expect you to reflect and actively sustain a healthy engineering environment that looks like this:
    • A wide range of voices heard to the benefit of all
    • Teams that are clearly happy, engaged, and laugh together
    • Perceivable safety to have an opinion or ask a question
    • No egos - people listen to and learn from others at all levels, with strong opinions held loosely

What makes working here better

    • Flexible, remote-first - A flexible, UK remote-first team with a dedicated London office available 5 days a week to use as we want to.
    • Work-life balance - 25 days holiday (plus bank holidays) each year, and enhanced family leave allowances.
    • Competitive salary & equity - We want people to have a serious stake in the business.
    • Good kit - Your choice of the best laptop, running macOS or Ubuntu.
    • Team socials - The opportunity to get to know each other outside of work.
    • Company socials - A chance to catch up and meet new colleagues weekly over informal office breakfasts and dinners on OakNorth - or at our free barista bar every day.
    • Commuter support - We offer the cycle to work scheme.
About Us
We’re OakNorth Bank and we embolden entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions, understand their markets, and apply data intelligence to everyday decisions to scale successfully at pace.
Banking should be barrier-free. It’s a belief at our very core, inspired by our entrepreneurial spirit, driven by the unmet financial needs of millions, and delivered by our data-driven tools.
And for those who love helping businesses thrive? Our savings accounts help diversify the high street and create new jobs, all while earning savers some of the highest interest on the market.
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Our story
OakNorth Bank was built on the foundations of frustrations with old-school banking. In 2005, when our founders tried to get capital for their data analytics company, the computer said ‘no’. Unfortunately, all major banks in the UK were using the same computer – and it was broken.
Why was it so difficult for a profitable business with impressive cashflow, retained clients, and clear commercial success to get a loan?
The industry was backward-looking and too focused on historic financials, rather than future potential.
So, what if there was a bank, founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs? One that offered a dramatically better borrowing experience for businesses?
No more what ifs, OakNorth Bank exists.