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Cupertino, CA - United States of America

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Milestone Technologies is hiring for Developer, Full Stack IV based out of the USA for one of our clients and is an urgent need and they are looking for someone to start asap.

Role : Developer, Full Stack IV

Location : Remote

Duration : 6 months with possibility of extension

Payrate/Compensation : Best in the Industry and competitive

Full Stack Web Developer Contract Role

Required Qualifications
  • Experience creating RESTful APIs using a modern Python (3.9+) web app framework (e.g. Flask, FastAPI, Starlite)
  • Experience creating reusable CRUD operations using an ORM (e.g. SQLAlchemy)
  • Experience with modern Javascript front end development and best practices (e.g. React, Vue)

Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience setting up comprehensive tests, development practices, and documentation for a web app
  • Familiarity with basic user experience and user interface design principles

Planned Objectives
  • Migrate and refactor Flask backend to FastAPI, establishing and documenting best practices along the way.
  • Migrate Flask frontend to a modern Javascript-based frontend, establishing and documenting testing and development practices for future engineers to maintain and extend
  • Evaluate data model, ORM, and CRUD methods for best practices, migrate database and update data models as appropriate
  • Establish sustainable models for development, CI/CD, and deployment practices
  • Continue to support and extend web app functionality and feature roadmap in support of stakeholder requests


Sowjanya| Talent Advisor, Talent Acquisition


4710 E. Elwood St. Suite 1. Phoenix, AZ 85040